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Program Creative and Critical Thinking for IT Solution telah dianjurkan oleh FSKM pada 25/11/2017 di LT5, UiTM Caw. Perlis. 54 orang pelajar Ijazah Sarjana Muda Teknologi Maklumat (RCS240) telah diberikan pendedahan berkenaan teknik berfikir secara kritis dan kreatif untuk penyelesaian masalah bidang IT. Penceramah ialah Encik Abdul Waffiy bin Rosli iaitu Pengarah Darwizz World Resources Marketing.


08.30 – 09.00           :           Pendaftaran

09.00 – 12.00           :           Perkongsian Isu-isu semasa dunia IT

12.00 – 02.30           :           Rehat/Makan tengahari

02.30 – 04.30           :           Perlaksanaan aktiviti pemikiran kritis dan kreatif

04.30 – 05.00           :           Ucapan penutup dan penyampaian hadiah

05.00                         :            Bersurai


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The Faculty of Film, Theatre and Animation offers four Diploma and five Degree programmes at its campus in Puncak Perdana. The faculty, established in 1998, emphasizes a holistic approach of both theoretical and practical knowledge of the fields of screen, theatre and animation as well as creative writing and arts management. Students not only gain classroom-based knowledge but also are exposed and are constantly in touch with the industry and its key players through various collaborative projects and attachments. Upon completion of any of the programmes, graduates may find employment in the field of performing and creative arts as (to name a few):

  • Film or Television or Theatre or Animation Producers / Assistant Producers
  • Film or Television or Theatre or Animation Directors / Assistant Directors
  • Production Managers / Executives
  • Scriptwriters
  • Director of Photography
  • Scenographer / Production Designers
  • Visual or Audio Editors
  • Art Directors
  • Creative Director
  • 2D Animator / 3D Animator
  • Character Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • Theatre Coach, Acting Coach, Vocal Coach
  • Actor / Performer / Dancer
  • Stage Managers
  • Choreographer
  • Costume Designer / Make-up Artist
  • Sound / Lighting Designer
  • Playwrights
  • Editors / Journalists
  • Writers for Print Media
  • Digital Background Artist
  • 3d Modeler
  • Motion Graphic Designer


Diploma in Creative Technology (Screen) is a two and a half year programme that focuses on the studies and processes involved in preparing content for film, television and digital media. In creating a balance between theory and practice, students learn the art of filmmaking from pre-production, production up to post-production. The Diploma programme is align with the demands of the industry as students are given hands-on training throughout their course of study.


The Diploma in Creative Technology (Creative Writing) exposes students to the art and technique of writing for the screen and stage, as well as that of creative writing in the form of short stories, novels, poetry and other forms of literature. Throughout the two and a half year programme, students learn the rhetorics of writing, develop their creative writing skills and by the end of their studies produce their own creative works. Students share their creative works through both print and digital media.


The two-and-a-half-year Diploma in Creative Technology (Theatre) offers a multi disciplinary approach with courses and learning experiences that cover traditional and new technology for stage performance. Students learn bottom-up as to the workings of a theatre production from the basics of acting, directing, dance and creative movement for theatre to that of design and scenography. By the end of the course, students confidently organize and perform credible theatre pieces for the public and explore the skills working in the creative arts.


A Diploma in Creative Technology (Arts Management) teaches students the fundamentals of managing the creative arts. From managing stage performances, film productions and mini concerts to gallery management, students obtain managerial skills in dealing with national and international shows, programmes and projects. Managerial skills in organizing and executing arts projects are critical in ensuring that the output of each art form is up to required standards and expectations. Students learn to manage and organize the creative arts in a constructive manner.


A Bachelor of Creative Technology (Hons.) Screen is a three-year programme. At this phase of study, it is of higher level as the programme teaches students to develop analytical and critical skills as a means of establishing higher order thinking skills. Appreciation and analysis of the films and theories of their construct are of main emphasis, after which students then proceed to apply this knowledge. The challenge of the degree programme is the ability to build and create appealing content for the mass audience through film, television and animation.


Bachelor of Creative Technology (Hons.) Creative Writing provides students to further develop and enhance their writing skills. At this level, the programme teaches students to build the foundation of analytical and critical thinking skills as a means of ensuring the quality of future writing work. From theory to application, students write and create various forms of writing texts to be discussed and further developed. It too stands as a three-year programme.


The Bachelor of Creative Technology (Hons.) Theatre is a programme that enhances students’ skills in their understanding of the cultural arts. Students are exposed to traditional and modern theatre production as a form of conservation as well as Western and Asian theatre as a means of expanding their horizons. The ability to understand and appreciate the diversity of theatre itself allows students to develop a critical perspective of the art. Students are also exposed to theory and application skills of acting, directing, dance and creative movement, as well as theatre craft, scenography and theatre technology. This three-year theatre bachelor degree programme allows students to plan the future of the creative industry as they become part of it and watch it grow.


Arts management through the Bachelor of Creative Technology (Hons.) Arts Management programme is the organizational foundation of any creative art. The three-year programme allows for the structuring and execution of film, theatre and animation productions, and the organization of creative events such as concerts and cultural performances. The programme develops students’ managerial skills as they work in teams in order to ensure the success of a given task or project.


Drawings that move, talk, sing and dance, have always fascinated people regardless of their age. This is the world of animation, where characters are given distinct personalities to act out entertaining stories. The three-year Bachelor of Creative Technology (Hons.) Animation and Screen Technology programme teaches students not only the craft of creating animation scripts and characters, but also the transfer of words into pictures and creating storyboards which are the blueprint of any animation production.

The course exposes students to the aesthetics of storytelling, with a look at how animators solve problems through creativity. Students will also understand the concepts of posing and posturing of figures, which are integral parts of acting in animation. Students in this programme have access to the latest software and animation facilities, making it easier for them to master the techniques of animation. Their challenge, then, is to create the illusion of life by not only using drawings but also real objects and computer software.

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