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1st February 2017, 05:48 PM
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Ok, here I am providing you the syllabus of Induction Course of Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU).

KKHSOU D.El.Ed Induction Course Syllabus-

Philosophical and PsychologicalUnderstanding of

Unit 1: Philosophical Understanding of Education
• Concept of education
• Education and Schooling
• Education and Schooling as visualized by some eminent Indian thinkers -Gandhi,
Tagore, SwamiVivekananda, Radhakrishnan

Unit 2: Aims of Education
• Meaning, types and determinants of aims of education
• Aims of education with respect to major schools of philosophy

Unit 3: Understanding the Child
• Meaning of Growth and Development
• Relationship of Growth and Development
• Principles of Development
• Educational importance of early childhood and later childhood years
• Educational importance of Drive, Motivation, Instinct and Emotion

Unit 4: Children as Diverse Learners
• Concept of Individual Difference
• Areas of Individual Difference
• Nature Vs. Nurture Controversy
• Childhood in a Modern State

B. Teacher as a Facilitator

Unit 1: Teacher and Society
• Concept of Teaching and its relationship with learning
• Role of teachers in society
• Need for professional development of teachers,RTE 2009
• Teaching as a profession, its autonomy and accountability

UNIT 2: Designing Learning Experiences
• Planning a unit and a lesson
• Individualized attention
• Altering activities to meet different needs of children

UNIT 3: Reflection on role of teachers
• Teacher as a Manager, Communicator and Problem Solver
• Classroom managementand Time planning
• Criteria for choosing technology for teaching-learning
• Necessity of effective communication between parents and teachers

Unit 4: Teaching Skills
• Teaching and Learning
• Teachers and Teaching Skills
• Types of teaching skills

UNIT 5: Assessment and Evaluation
• Meaning and Concept of Evaluation
• Tools for Evaluation
• Evaluation of Scholastic and Non-Scholastic Aspects
• Reforms in Evaluation

KKHSOU D.El.Ed Induction Course Syllabus


Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University
Housefed Office Complex, Guwahati-Shillong Road, Dispur, Guwahati, Assam 781006

Admission Procedure:

1) Admission shall be through the designated Study Centres only, spread all over the state.

2) For Admission to a programme, course fee is to be paid through the Bank challan attached with the Prospectus, at any branch of State Bank of India. Application along with necessary enclosures and a copy of the challan returned by the Bank after payment is required to be submitted at the recongnised study Centres within due date. [Course fee may also be paid in the form of Bank Draft drawn in favour of Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University” and payable at Guwahati.

3)A summarised table indicating the eligibility criteria of admission into the various academic programmes offered by the Univeristy along with the relevant documents necessary to be submitted along with the application form. The Study Centre will scrutinize the application forms as per the norms and qualifications required for each programme.The Study Centre will scrutinize the application forms as per the norms and qualifications required for each programme.

4)After scrutiny, the eligible applicants will be provisionally admitted by the Study Centre.

5) Intending learners with incomplete application may be given conditional admission at the University’s discretion with the condition that required eligibility documents are to be submitted latest by the dates prescribed for the purpose. Their enrollment will be confirmed on fulfillment of the eligibility requirements. To appear in the examinations, confirmation of enrollment will be necessary.

6)All the enrolled learners will be provided with the registration number,programme guidelines and identity cards.

7)Those learners who are unable to complete the programme within the specified validity period will be required to register themselves afresh by paying the requisite fee as per the University regulations.

Continuous Admission:

1)After completion of a particular semester, a learner is required to apply for next semester simply by paying the necessary fees within one month of the last examination day of the previous Semester. Admission in subsequent semester does not depend on the results of the earlier semester. One may take admission even without appearing in previous semester examination in the next semester. Admission should be taken continuously in all a Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes without any break. A learner will be allowed to appear in all the examinations including back papers within the stipulated time of a programme.

2) A learner is required to pay a fine of Rs 300 if he or she applies for admission to the next semester after expiry of one month but within two months from the last day of examination of the previous semester.

3) On special consideration, a learner may be allowed admission as individual admission for the next semester even beyond two months but before the issue of notification of the examination of that semester by the University on Individual application with sufficient reasons and payment of a fine of Rs 500.

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