Assignment Task In Informatica Workflow

Srini is correct


You can use the variables:





Then Edit your session and on the component tab for the task: Post Session on Success Variable Assignment. Assign those variables. These should be on the RIGHT side. On the LEFT side you can name the variable whatever you like for example:$$Update_Count.



It should look like:



$$UPDATE_COUNT                                             =                    $PM<TargetName>@numAppliedRows


Then EDIT the workflow and on the VARIABLE tab..create a variable 

$$UPDATE_COUNT     with DATATYPE as Integer.


Now you will be able to see the USER DEFINED variable in a LINK condition.


We want to create a target flat file name with the current system date.

Solution 1

  1. The first method is renaming the target file name in the post session command as bellow:


The following command will rename the file in the format filename_MMDDYYYY.out in Windows:

move $PMTargetFileDir\filename $PMTargetFileDir\filename_%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10%.out

  1. The second method is to use a command output type as follows:
  • In the Workflow Manager, edit the session task and go to the Mappings tab.
  • Select the flat file target.
  • Set the Output type as Command under Properties .
  • In the Command option, enter the shell command.


The following command will create the file in the format filename__dateYYYYMMDD.out   on UNIX:

cat  – > /$PMTargetFileDir/filename_’date ‘ +%Y%m%d’.out

Using this option, the Integration Service will send the output data of the session to the command, and the command will generate a file with a dynamic file name that contains the target data.


Solution 2

To append a timestamp to the name of a flat file target using a PowerCenter workflow variable:

1. Create a workflow variable with datatype NSTRING.

2. Create an assignment task before the session and enter the following expression in the assignment task:

3. Edit the session and enter the following file name:

Output filename=FF_Example$$timestamp.out

FF_Example.txt is the target flat file name as defined in the target definition.


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