Cool Things To Draw In Your Sketchbook Assignments

Often times it can be difficult brainstorming ideas for our sketchbooks. We can all agree that the more we draw, the better we’ll get. This is just one of the many reasons that keeping a sketchbook is important. But deciding what to draw in those sketchbooks can sometimes be a challenge.

I decided to do some of the brainstorming for you and create a list of 101 sketchbook ideas. The items on this list are meant to challenge you a bit, but can still be completed in a short amount of time, making them perfect subjects for any sketchbook.

101 Sketchbook Ideas

1. draw old shoes

2. draw a glass of water

3. draw a pile of unfolded laundry

4. draw your non-dominant hand

5. draw a scene in a restaurant

6. draw a stack of books

7. draw a view out of a window

8. draw your art supplies

9. draw wine bottles

10. draw children’s toys

11. draw a person laying down

12. draw a person sitting in a chair

13. design a typeface

14. draw different types of trees

15. draw objects in your pocket

16. draw game pieces

17. draw a caricature of yourself

18. draw the same object drawn with different techniques (hatching, cross hatching, stippling, etc.)

19. draw your favorite pet

20. draw a copy of your favorite Master’s painting

21. draw a crumpled piece of paper

22. draw a brown paper bag

23. draw an old chair

24. draw a person from history in which there is no photo reference

25. draw an old person’s face

26. draw a stapler

27. draw an old radio

28. draw an old car

29. draw an old camera

30. draw a pair of glasses

31. draw an open book

32. draw a bicycle

33. draw anything made out of metal

34. draw a hammer

35. draw tree bark up close

36. draw ocean waves

37. draw a pile of rocks

38. draw a cup of pencils

39. draw hard candy

40. draw any fruit (sliced open)

41. draw any vegetable (sliced open)

42. draw a reel mower (tough one)

43. draw a pine cone

44. draw a seashell

45. draw a banana peel

46. draw an old cabin

47. draw an old factory

48. draw flowers in a vase

49. draw simple forms (cube, sphere, cylinder, etc.)

50. draw old farm equipment

51. draw a sailboat

52. draw people standing in a line

53. draw a bowl of peanuts

54. draw a bowl of nails

55. draw bushes or shrubbery

56. draw several eggs on a surface

57. draw your favorite insect

58. draw a flower up close

59. draw a thumb drive

60. draw an exotic fish

61. draw a scene from history

62. draw a feather

63. draw any detailed machine

64. draw the insides of a watch or clock

65. draw a skull

66. draw an apple

67. draw a portrait of someone that is a different race from you

68. draw water coming from the faucet

69. draw a creek in the woods

70. draw a pair of socks

71. draw an object that is moving

72. draw a Cubist portrait

73. draw a view from a window

74. draw a candle in the dark

75. draw three random objects from your refrigerator

76. draw a bowl of popcorn

77. draw a set of keys

78. draw someone peeling off their skin

79. draw your hand holding an apple (or other object)

80. draw your feet

81. draw yourself as a cartoon character

82. draw a patterned cloth on a table

83. draw a wine cork

84. draw a face in profile

85. draw a candlestick

86. draw a fictional woodland creature

87. draw a close up of grass

88. draw an object three times in different lighting

89. draw a pile of  jewelry

90. draw a close up of someone’s hair

91. draw a doorknob

92. draw a bird in flight

93. draw a video game controller

94. draw a pile of yarn

95. draw a stack of dinner plates

96. draw a trompe l’oeil image

97. draw hung drapery

98. draw a water sprinkler

99. draw calm water that is reflective

100. draw a person falling

101. just draw something!

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The Giant List of Sketchbook Ideas

SK1 Draw the inside of your closet
SK2 Draw the contents of your desk drawer
SK3 Just before your room is cleaned, draw it
SK4Inside of your refrigerator
SK5Inside your garage
SK6 Draw your dad’s work table
SK7 Before the dishes are washed, draw them
SK8a pile of laundry waiting to get washed
SK9yourself in a mirror
SK10your brother/sister doing an activity, such as playing video games
SK11your friend, or an enemy
SK12yourself your toenails
SK13your hand holding an object that is important to you.
SK14your bird, cat, dog, fish, snake, leopard, lobster doing something strange
SK15what is in the rear-view mirror of your car
SK16a dead bird in a beautiful landscape
SK17a flower growing next to a turned over garbage can
SK18 raw chicken parts; cooked parts; after eaten parts
SK19a piece of cake and make it look delicious
SK20eggs in the shell, scrambled, then over easy
SK21one popcorn kernel popping, draw an opened bag of popcorn
SK22a raw steak, steak bones
SK23moving water, still water
SK24a clear glass full of ice cubes
SK25an object when looking through a tube or a microscope
SK26an object seen through glass (how does the glass make a difference)
SK27something floating, like a boat or a beach ball
SK28a dark object in a light environment
SK29a light object in a dark environment
SK30 Lie on the floor, draw what is eye level
SK31 Dig a hole, put an object in the hole, then draw the object and the hole—pay attention to shadows.
SK32 Fill in the hole, partially cover up the object, draw it emerging from the ground.
SK33 Find a quiet place in a crowd, draw the crowd
SK34 Find a quiet place, draw the quiet
SK35 Find a noisy place, draw noise
SK36 On the school bus, draw your friends on the way to school, draw your friends on the way home Is there a difference?
SK37 Shine a light through an open structure such as a woven basket, draw the cast shadow
SK38an object that is lit by the light coming through mini blinds
SK39 a portrait that is lit by the light coming through mini blinds
SK40an object that is lit by a candle
SK41a figure that is lit by a candle
SK42your sister/brother by the light cast by the TV or computer screen
SK43your father/mother by the light cast from the TV or computer screen
SK44an apple, pear, banana…
SK45a partially eaten apple, banana, pear…
SK46 Draw a scoop of ice cream, pay attention to texture and highlights.
SK47 Tighten a C clamp on an unexpected object (like a banana) and draw it.
SK48Draw an object with a distinctive shape that is tightly wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic wrap or string.
SK49 Copy the Mona Lisa.












Make changes to the Mona Lisa to suit yourself




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SK51 Make changes the Mona Lisa to suit your art teacher
SK52 Put Mona Lisa in a contemporary setting
SK53 Copy any work of art older than you, then remake work of art in your way.
SK54 Create a work of art that says something about the environment
SK55 Create a work of art that says something about the world situation
SK56Create a drawing that is pure propaganda about any issue you feel strongly about. Look up the definition of propaganda.
SK57 something is totally truthful.
SK58something that is a lie.
SK59A photo from another country
SK60 What Animals dream when they sleep
SK61If I Could Fly
SK62A detailed drawing cheeseburger with all the fixings.
SK63a scene from a Video Game
SK64a scene from A Garden
SK65The Planet Zorb
SK66Under The Big Top
SK67The Biggest Ice Cream Sundae In The World
SK68Things With Wings
SK69A day in the Life Of A Bee
SK70Deep, Deep In The Ocean
SK71I’m Having A Bad Hair Day
SK72Cakes, Cookies, And Pies in a bakery window
SK73Clown School
SK74Inside of a space ship
SK75Look! I Found A Treasure Chest!
SK76My Very Own Starry, Starry Night
SK77An encounter with a Dragon
SK78The Best Day Of My Life
SK79Lions, & Tigers, & Bears Oh, My!
SK80In A Crowded Elevator
SK81A Kite Flying Contest
SK82King Askobar And His Castle
SK83Inside My Stomach After Lunch
SK84The Tooth Fairy
SK85Princess Peony And Her Pet Frog Herman
SK86A Map Of My Neighborhood
SK87A treasure map
SK88a map of the school, with “real labels”
SK89A Tree Is Home To Many Things
SK90The Winner Of A Dog Show
SK91A costume contest
SK92Things We Use In Art Class
SK93Alternative uses for things we use in Art Class
SK94My Trip To Outer Space
SK95If I Had Million Dollars
SK96At The Elephant And Donkey’s Wedding
SK97Introducing The Newest Pokemon
SK98A Class Trip To The Park
SK99 A creativity Factory
SK100 Make a drawing that is completely impossible
SK101 Draw a portrait inside out
SK102 Draw an apple, pear, banana inside out
SK103 Look out your bedroom window, draw what you see
SK104 Look out your bedroom window, draw what you would like to see
SK105 Draw an apple, pear, banana that is wrapped in an apple, pear, banana
SK106 Draw a form fitting case made of steel that would fit an apple, pear, banana
SK107 Draw two squares of a sidewalk and make it look interesting
SK108 Make a detailed drawing of five square inches of grass
SK109 Make a detailed drawing of five square inches of hair
SK110 Make a detailed drawing of five square inches of  feathers
SK111 Make a detailed drawing of five square inches of a dollar bills
SK112  Draw an insect under a magnifying glass
SK113 Rearrange, redesign the insect
SK114 Draw a portrait of your best friend as an insect
SK115 Draw a self portrait of you as a beautiful insect
SK116 Draw a family insect portrait
SK117 Crumple a magazine ad, draw it
SK118 Crumple a photograph, draw it
SK119 Crumple a drawing, redraw it crumpled
SK120 Cut out a photo into small pieces, rearrange the photo in some other order, draw it
SK121yourself dressed in clothing from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s
SK122your birthday wish list
SK123an illuminated letter for your best friend
SK124yourself in the style of your favorite artist
SK125your “dream car”
SK126a “fantasy” house
SK127a bubble and all its whirly reflective surface
SK128a close up and enlarged leaf
SK129the sky
SK130a mirror and all it reflects
SK131A different reflective surface and all it reflects (such as a bumper, water, spoon, glasses)
SK132your favorite animal with a human face
SK133yourself as a robot
SK134your favorite song
SK135your favorite photgraph
SK136favorite person (from life)
SK137What Frankenstein Wears For Halloween
SK138 My Greatest Fear
SK139 Things That Float
SK140Things With Wheels
SK141a pet drawn from a photo
SK142a pet drawn from life
SK143 A creature emerging from an egg
SK144 An egg yoke falling out of a cracked egg
SK145Alien Bugs
SK146At The Beach
SK147My Dream Car
SK148What I See Out My Bedroom Window
SK149I Am Screaming














An Invention Of My Own





Art Teacher in the Summer TShirt!

SK151If I Lived In The Jungle
SK152If I Ran The Zoo
SK153 When I Close My Eyes
SK154 A Bird’s Eye View
SK155What My Dog Dreams
SK156I’m A Famous Rock Star
SK157 Illustrate a famous saying/quotation
SK158yourself in a specific mood, try to communicate that mood in any way possible
SK159things with a flavor
SK160 your greatest fear
SK161things that close
SK162 Illustrate “the way things were”
SK163the world from the point of view of a frog/toad
SK164your own game board
SK165a “how to” poster
SK166 Draw yourself with wings
SK167a comic strip with your own characters
SK168your dream room
SK169 Design an advertisement for yourself
SK170 Design a new license plate for the State of your choice
SK171 Illustrate words such as up, upside down, apart, crazy, sane
SK172 Design new methods of transportation
SK173 Design an ad for your favorite music
SK174 Design a new map
SK175 Create an imaginary alphabet
SK176things that come from eggs
SK177 Design a costume
SK178old-fashioned puppets
SK179 Illustrate: If you were the tallest person in the world
SK180a lost dog poster
SK181the trail of an imaginary insect
SK182What it would look like around you if you were the last person on earth
SK183drawing that oozes
SK184drawing of a mechanical structure or machine
SK185 a machine that oozes
SK186 Make a drawing of a machine so that the parts are sticky
SK187a famous Bridge
SK188a famous bridge over a small body of water such as a bathtub
SK189a chair
SK190 Draw the concept of the uses of a chair (sitting) without the chair
SK191a table
SK192Draw the concept of the uses of a table (eating, playing cards) without the table.
SK193 Make a drawing that illustrates the phrase “I have come to a juncture in my life.” Look up the definition of the word juncture.
SK194 Make a drawing that illustrates the phrase “There is an insufficiency of intellect”
SK195 Make a careful drawing that illustrates the word “Haste”
SK196 Draw the imaginary skeleton of an apple, pear, banana or other object that obviously doesn’t have a skeleton.
SK197 Draw a portrait of you and your friends as cards; the queen, king, and jack of spades
SK198 Make a drawing of all your drawing materials
SK199 Make a drawing while at McDonalds
SK200Draw a mysterious doorway or staircase
SK201a creativity factory

SK 202. Draw a map from wherever you are to where you want to be.

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