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American School has been preparing students to lead and become successful productive citizens for this flat world we live in, since 1977. Dr. Doris Bello the founder believes in an English vernacular academic program to English native speakers and to near native speakers of that linguistic code for this complex competitive flat world we live in today.

Thus since our present lives and practices are forever changing. The world that we are preparing our young people for is very different to the world that we, as adults, were prepared for by our teachers. Many schools talk about fulfilling potential or blending academic excellence with outstanding extracurricular activities. However, American school is not a school built upon elaborate words meant for publicity, in American School we value the meaning of success in its widest sense. Through our wide range of academic and extracurricular activities, we aim to develop in our students the ability to face a global world which moves at a great pace as well as achieving excellent academic standards.

Given that our students come from a very wide range of backgrounds and abilities; each of them has something within them that is very special. It is this focus on trying to uncover that special talent and using it to build confidence and self-esteem that makes American School much more than a school, but rather a family.

To be a part of American School is an opportunity that is life changing for students, families and everyone of us. That is why several generations of children and their families, along with many dedicated staff members, teachers have passed through American School’s doors since 1977. Each person has added unique color and depth to the tapestry that is American School, and each passing year adds a page to our rich history. The tradition of quality in American School education continues here, and passes from generation to generation.

It is a pleasure to welcome you again to American School a place where you and your child will have the opportunity to discover your child’s extraordinary potential in a supportive academic environment.
Thus Our Students Roar:

Once a Ram ……

Always a Ram ……

Bayamon Gardens, Puerto Rico

Today's Kids Montessori School seeks the achievement of the integral development of its students by enriching their intellectual, physical, creativ...e, emotional, social, and ethical values at the elementary level providing an education conducted in English. Our mission is to integrate the Montessori system providing a well-prepared environment according to their educational needs. Through the Montessori method students are encouraged to develop greater potential of the censorial areas, linguistics, visual, concentration, and respect for self as for others.


Today's Kids Montessori School seeks to prepare students to be successful in their future academic endeavors, from individuals that will become fully integrated in today's society, capable of communicating in English as well as in their primary language; and develop citizens that show respect for themselves as well as for others.See More
The Montessori method involves a curriculum of learning that comes from the child's own natural inner guidance and expresses itself in outward behavior as the child's various individuals interests are at work.

Today's Kids Montessori School offers a learning method enriched with an Academic Curriculum and program of individualize education for the cultural athletic and knowledge development of ou...r students.

We provide the following services:

- Physical Education
- Art Classes
- Music Classes
- Science Lab
- Computer Lab
- Ballet
- Tae Kwon Do
- Library
- Homework Section (Supervised Studies)
- After School Program (Child Care)
- Summer Camp
- Air Conditioned Classrooms
- Lunch Service
- Digital Platform
- High qualified personnel

For any other information please feel free to contact us at 787-778-0427, (787)269-1908, or by e-mail, we will gladly answer any questions or doubts. See More

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